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Learn How to Make Beats the Easy Way

how to make beatsComposing a song and making beats may sound hard to do, but due to the available software today the process becomes easy that even those without background in music and song production can do it. But in spite of the available technology, you still need to learn how to make beats on your own. There a couple of steps that you need to do. You must be equipped with the necessary tools, as well.

In the past, making your own beats normally requires huge investment on expensive musical instruments. Having a studio was also necessary. It is for this reason why beat making used to be done only by big companies and rich composers with enough money to put up the required high investment. Thus, cost was a common barrier that hindered aspiring musicians without enough funds to pursue their desired career.

Today, that barrier is now eliminated by the availability of beat makers that let you create your own beats. The good thing is that such software is not expensive at all. In fact, it is very affordable that the required investment is even lower than the cost of a guitar. What’s more, the program will let you make beats using different musical instruments such as piano, guitar, harp, harmonica, flute, violin, cymbals, and drums, among others.

With so many different musical instruments at your disposal, you can make different genre of music like hip hop, techno, rap, dance, pop music, rock, and jazz. Thus, another barrier that is eliminated is the availability of musical instruments, thereby giving you complete flexibility on your choice of music genre.

Tips on How to Make Beats

To start pursuing your dream to compose your own song, one of the first few things that you need to do is to get a beat making software.  There are many different brands to choose from. One of the best and trusted brands in the industry is DUBturbo. You can choose your own brand, but DUBturbo is highly recommended because it has many awesome features; it is easy to use, as well.

Once you have the software installed in your computer, you need to have a good speaker system. While you can do well using the regular speakers bundled with your laptop or computer, having a top quality speaker system can help you make beats better since you will be able to fully appreciate the details of each beat.

Once the hardware aspect is in place, the next stage is the song composition. While you can make beats as you go along trying out different samplers bundled in your beat making software, it is best to decide first on the type of music that you would like to compose.

Therefore, choose the best genre of music that fits well to your style. Take note that in each music genre, there may be many different sub categories. Nevertheless, this is important because each genre follows certain style, which serves as your guide as you along in composing your own beats.

The next step is to create the structure of your song. For a start, you may follow the standard song structure that starts with an intro, followed by a verse, then refrain, and chorus. After the chorus are the turnaround and the 2nd verse. You can also opt to have a third verse, and a fourth verse.

Once your song structure is done, then you can start making beats following this structure. You can also use the bundled samplers and mix them to create unique beats following the structure that you have created. This is just the start, but you will learn more on how to make beats as you go along.


Common Mistakes in Choosing the Best Beat Makers

beat makersMany people struggling to make music on their own ended up spending more buying different brands of beat makers. Their first few purchases were quite frustrating because the products that they bought did meet their expectations. As a result, they searched and bought other brands until they found the perfect beat making software that is just perfect to their needs and preferences.

Others who did not have enough money to invest on another brand were forced to deal with the product that they bought despite the flaws. So, if you are planning to buy one to pursue your dreams to make your very own beats and songs, obviously you don’t want to be in the same position as those who purchased many different brands and spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on useless brands. You want to do it right on your first purchase and minimize your cost, right?

But with so many music makers today, sometimes it can be quite daunting to find the right brand that is well-suited for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to hop in from one product to another and spend dollars for each use. By avoiding the common pitfalls, you can quickly find the right brand.

Common Pitfalls of Buying Beat Makers

Easy to Use Software but with Simple Features

Most aspiring and apprentice musicians would like to use easy-to-use beat making software that is devoid of intricacy in usage. Programs that are well-equipped with numerous unknown features deter some people from using them due to technical reasons. As a result, they opted for simple programs with less features.

While this is good at the start, sooner or later you will eventually find out that the product lacks so many features that are important in making dance floor-quality music. Therefore, the quality of the songs that you shall be producing will be greatly affected, and they may not be able to compete with the songs of composers like you that were produced using premium brands with better features.

So, if you want to make good quality beats then use premium brands, and usually they are equipped with several features that may scare you at first, but you will soon find out that they are easy to use and very important, as well.

Fully Loaded and Powerful Beat Making Software But Difficult to Use

Another common mistake is to use brands fully bundled with a lot of features that promise many things. But once you start using the beat maker, you may be awestruck by the complexity of the product and the technicalities involved with using the different components of the program. For some, they ended up not using the software at all because they don’t know how, while others only use the basic features while most of the features were not used at all.

Take note that products with many features are also more expensive. There is cost involved in every feature, and if you don’t use it then it is just a waste of your additional investment on more expensive brands.

Free or Cheap Music Making Software

Most free beat making programs are normally equipped with basic features. While they can let you make beats, they lack the necessary components to produce high quality songs. Some of them will not let you record the beats that you just created. Although there is no risk involved in using such software because they are, after all, free to use, they may not be the perfect software that will help you pursue your dream to be a rock star one day.

If you want to be the best in what you do, you also need to be fully equipped with powerful equipment and programs that you are also an expert of. Therefore, choose the best beat makers that are not only easy to use but powerful as well.

DUBturbo Review

DUBturbo reviewWhile there are many beats making software out there that you can choose from, DUBturbo is one of the best in the pack. But before you make a quick decision to get the software, it is best to read this DUBturbo review first in order to carefully evaluate if this brand is truly the perfect one for you.

Not all programs were created equal. Although there are many awesome features bundled in DUBturbo, there are a few drawbacks as well. There is no such thing as a perfect product. Sooner or later you will eventually find out the weaknesses. But you don’t have to wait until such time that you discover the weaknesses. This review on DUBturbo will show you, right now, the strengths and the flaws so that you can arrive at a wiser choice.

Unbias Review of DUBturbo Beats Maker

Before anything else, one of the first things that consumers would like to know about a product is its capability to do things as advertised. DUBturbo was designed to help aspiring musicians to make beats on their own that is devoid of the complexity and high cost of music production.

Being a beats maker as advertised, yes, this program can truly help you create your own music beats even if you don’t own a single musical instrument. It’s quite amazing how technology today changes things. Before, you need to have an expensive piano in order to play a piano music. Not anymore today. You can now compose a piano song even without touching a piano keyword.

This is made possible with DUBturbo. This program will not only make piano beats, but also beats of all other musical instruments that you can think of. This includes guitars, violins, drums, trumpets, cymbals, and so much more.

Main Selling Points

One of the main selling points of DUBturbo is that you don’t have to be a seasoned musician in order to make music. No; you can start making music from scratch, even if you have no reliable background in music. You will be surprised to know that you can be a music producer in a few minutes by just using the software and following your creative instincts. As you start hearing the different beats and mixing the different samplers, you will soon realize that you have already composed an entire song.

Major Flaw

As the software was mainly designed for, it can only produce and record beats. Vocal recording is beyond its features. So if you want to insert vocals in your song, you will only be frustrated since this is not possible using this program alone. It can’t record your voice or insert rap in your song.

But don’t give up just yet. It is not the end of the line for your desired vocal recordings. You can still make beats mixed with vocals using this software. However, you will need an add-on program and connect it to DUBturbo so that you can put vocals in your song. Don’t worry because the required additional program will not cost you anything.

While there are premium paid vocal recording programs, you can already do well with free software, such as Audacity, without compromising quality. Just record your vocal sample using Audacity and then import the file to DUBturbo’s sampling keyboard.

The Final Verdict of this DUBturbo Review

To conclude this review, DUBturbo beats making program is still an excellent software that lets you make music not just in your own room but even if you are on the go. This is best for beginners and advanced users alike. While there is a major flaw, there is also a solution to the issue that makes the drawback redundant. Overall, this DUBturbo review highly recommends this brand for music lovers who would like to explore their creativity in beats making and music production.